Bring  Well BEING Into the Heart of Your Business with the ZaZegga App

We believe passionately in empowering people to access their inner resources to support their WELL BEING


Built for business

We believe  businesses should have a one-stop, mobile enabled solution to support their well being goals.  We understand business and we understand well being. 

Well BEING at heart

We focus 100% on well being, not mental health because we believe in the model of whole health. We are on a mission to support people to take their well being into their own hands.

Integrated hub

The workplace has changed and connections and cohesion have stretched. Built on an enablement platform,  the ZaZegga App provides a cohesive well being experience.

One touch point for well BEING brings it firmly into the day to day of organisational life
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Well BEING content, communication and community available anytime anywhere
  • Build a well BEING culture and support your staff to thrive 
Seamlessly supports staff to develop their inner and outer health and to address workplace stress 

The ZaZegga App integrates well being around a hub of


A dedicated well BEING channel to keep in touch and keep your finger on the pulse 



    Forums provide a safe space to  talk, to support and to share


Unique Learning and Practise Rooms full of rich content that empowers staff to improve their well BEING with practical things they can do in the moment when facing inner and outer challenges.

  • Person centred
  • Engaging videos
  • Bite sized
  • A virtual retreat
  • Access anytime anywhere

Powerfully deep content integrates many facets

  • the inner life
  • relationships
  • nutrition and lifestyle
  • and the workplace
60% of people didn't speak to anyone at work about their mental health status
Many aren't aware of the resources available to them or are afraid to use them (Harvard Bus Review 2019)

We Focus 100% on  WELL BEING

We feel a deep responsibility to counter the collective spiral into a mental health paradigm which is alienating and disempowering, and a potential problem for businesses as normal distress becomes an illness with all the burden that incurs.

The ZaZegga Well Being Model

We start from the realities of BEING human.  Life is a complex, interwoven experience of your internal and external world.   The experience of life is a felt experience.  You don't THINK depressed, you FEEL depressed; you don't THINK anxious - you FEEL anxious.  

Boundaries between mind and heart and gut and body, between home and work, between the individual and the community are artificial,  they don't represent our true nature or our experience.

We're not intimated by the complexity of BEINGNESS, in fact with love it, we celebrate it and we know how to work with it to shift to true well BEING - to shift how to experience life from the inside out and the outside in, to shift how to BE.  This impacts every aspect of our lives, home, work, relationships, our sense of meaning and purpose and our happiness and sense of self.

ZaZegga helps people to discover their Inner Resources and their Integrated Intelligence and to use them to develop and perfect well BEING. 

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