I didn't create ZaZegga to build a business, I didn't see a business opportunity in the mental health crisis.  It came out of my own lifelong struggle with being in the world and the ways that I found to heal deeply and the inner fitness that I built as a consequence.  I was motivated to find a way that other people could do the same but without the years of searching that I went through.  The time, effort and money that I've put into this project is for two reasons:

  • The first to give the many people who are feeling the effect of these volatile and changing times, those who are breaking down and all those who are just feeling miserable and in despair, practical ways to change how they feel, to build inner fitness but importantly a new model of being in the world which gives a new way of seeing mental health and alternative ways to restore psychological well being

  • The second is an intense need to ignite an idea of psychological sustainability.  I don't see a mental health crisis as most people do, I see it as a crisis of being and that there is a direct correlation between environmental breakdown, technological acceleration and psychological breakdown.   I see a big picture around adaptation and evolution which is very needed and part of the many global challenges we are facing.

Maria Dennis

Social Entrepreneur  & Mental Health Mentor

Founder - ZaZegga   

I enjoyed a long and varied career as an independent Organisational Consultant before I turned my attention fully to my bigger vision.

People are people whether at home or at work and businesses and organisations have a huge opportunity to lead on psychological sustainability, ensuring that people can thrive in a volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous world.  

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